I am finding great value in my sessions with Stephanie, its been very effective. I'm exploring areas that are helping deep rooted areas in my life. Stephanie has great energy and is straight forward, professional and kind. We have tackled a few areas within the few visits, I found that it was a cleansing of my hard drive and left with much motivation.  the space is unique and the center has many offerings. I leave each time inspired and its been most pleasurable to have this practice. It has given me the opportunity to seek deep inside and visit what I would desire to work on. It's been a beautiful gift to myself and I highly recommend a visit.


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I had never experienced hypnosis, and because of a pending divorce, I felt this experience could serve useful for my personal growth. Stephanie answered all my questions over a phone inquiry and explained thoroughly what hypnosis is and can do. My first session lasted an hour and a half, as we discussed many personal issues, in which she made me feel extremely comfortable in my sharing. When in hypnosis, the session was relaxing, open, and positive. It was a very comfortable, warm, and inviting situation.  After the session, I felt instant results, as the content in session spoke directly to my subconscious. Stephanie is extremely professional, a great listener, and knowledgeable in hypnosis. Hypnosis is positive and effective. I have seen great results, and look forward to a continued experience with Reroot and Stephanie Rix. I highly recommend her and the entire experience!


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My sessions with Stephanie are wonderful.  I am getting into the core of what I need to continue to grow and keep healthy.  I look forward to my sessions and afterwards I work on applying what we are working on by adding growth to myself.  Taking it at a good pace.  The sessions are amazing for me.  My energy is up.  Also we can work later in the day  which is something that I need for my schedule,  I feel that the price is very fair.  I think that it is important for all of us to be able to give ourselves positive affirmations.  We need to be able to do this for ourselves.  Be honest about what you need, be open to the experience.  I can truthfully go on and on about how wonderful it is for me but try it!  It may be what you are looking for.  I know you will walk away with something.  Enjoy!


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Stephanie is wonderful, and I'm so happy that I've started hypnosis. I highly recommend working with her. I wouldn't even consider going to anyone else. To me you need to be very comfortable with your hypnotherapist, you'll want to understand the process, and be able to ask questions. Stephanie is kind, incredibly knowledgeable and explains everything you need to know - not only how it works, but why. She is so open to my asking many many questions. I was a first-timer and as soon as we started talking any hesitation I had about hypnosis was gone.
Each time I have an appointment I am so excited, because in additional to all else, this is the most relaxing thing I have ever done. You cannot believe how relaxing it is. And I am a stress queen. The feeling stays with me for days afterward.
I won't go into extensive details of the experience, as the other reviewers have told the story well, but if you're going to try hypnosis, absolutely talk to Stephanie.


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Had a one and one session with Stephanie. I wasn't really sure what to expect from hypnosis. But it was a very spiritual and magical experience to say the least. Very relaxing and comfortable environment. I feel like I really got in touch with myself and who I am and left me feeling some what awakened to an inner power within myself.


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Subject: Thank you; I exercise now

Message: I finished an exercise DVD today. I completed two exercise classes at the senior center. Thank you so very much. The second session enabled me to reach my goal of exercise. I have not touched meat or meat products since our first session. I am thinking hard about what I want from the third session. You have made me so happy.


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Hi Stephanie,

 I had a scheduled lunch with a former supervisor of mine today and was not looking forward to it. When he brought some other guy to come too I thought "oh damn". But somehow I was able to speak well the entire time with only a couple minor hesitations.

Thank you

***client came in to stop stuttering, this was the email he sent after just one session


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Stephanie is one of the most compassionate souls I've ever met. She goes above and beyond to make her clients feel like they are safe & loved. Her focus is always on you and helping you get to the root of the underlying problem. If you are looking for a hypnotherapist that is dedicated to helping you see the divine being you are, look no further. 


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I recently completed teaching a hypnosis course at the Garret Wellness Center in Chicago. Stephanie was one of my students, What set her apart from many other students as her enthusiasm, her contagious curiosity for learning, and her reliability. As soon as she picked up each technique she was capable to put it in use effectively. She will be a great contribution to the society of National Guild of Hypnotists. 

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