What is your Inner Child?

We all have within us the longing to be seen, heard, loved, valued, and cared for - much like a child. The inner child is just that, the truest version of ourselves that lies dormant within that has gotten suppressed due to adult responsibilities, societal norms, fast paced/busy lifestyles being glorified, and more. When we were a child, it was so easy to connect to our intuition, be 100% authentic, not let others opinions alter our own or our views, have fun, be honest, make friends, and feel free;


but somewhere down the road to becoming an adult we lost the connection to this true self within us.


This happens as a result of being told what to do, how to be, who to be, what to like and dislike, etc, and we start conforming to society around us...we suppress this child, this true self, this freedom within to the point in which it may even stop trying to speak up and have a voice for ourselves and lose the knowing of who we really are at the core. 

Side effects of a suppressed inner child are:

  • low confidence and self esteem

  • lack of love for life, lack of love for self

  • having a hard time connecting with your intuition/gut feeling

  • having a hard time making change in your life

  • feeling as if you have lost touch with the true you

  • attracting negativity and negative relationships

  • lacking personal power and a voice

  • negative relationships (including with the self)

  • feeling stuck, trapped, or helpless

So how is this suppression fixed or resolved?

If you had a child that we expressing to you that it feels you have lacked in caring for it, listening to it, loving it, playing with it, improving its quality of life, and just over all not being there for him/her, what would you do?

Well in the simplest terms, you would start doing all of those things! But where do you start after all these years? Inner Child Connection is the perfect place to start. As a result of reconnecting to your truest self, your inner child you will experience:

  • Improved and strong confidence and self esteem

  • Positive and improved relationships

  • A rediscovered connection to your intuition

  • Ease in making life/habit/behavior changes/transitions

  • Purpose and joy within your self and life

  • Abundance

  • Personal power and having a voice for yourself

  • Fun, freedom, and happiness

  • and more....

Begin Reconnecting

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12 weeks


Sessions and meetings are customized to you and your current relationship with your inner child. Each session will differ and cover different topics that will improve your quality of life, relationship with yourself, relationship with your inner child, and more using:

  • guided meditations ranging from 2-10 minutes

  • guided imagery/hypnosis

  • fun and easy exercises

  • an interactive and informative workbook

  • direct access to me as your inner child connection guide

  • and more

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