Private Hypnosis/Hypnotic Meditation Sessions

Private sessions are completely customized to match your needs, wants, and desires. Create the change in habit, behavior, or mindset that you seek simply, naturally, and easily through positive suggestion provided to your subconscious mind during hypnosis. Our beliefs shape our thoughts, our thoughts shape our actions, your actions shape your life; and so making the change to your core beliefs will have a rippling effect into your thoughts, then into your actions, and then into your life. 

Fill out the intake form and I will be in touch within 48 hours to schedule our appointment if I feel we are a good fit.










Custom Audio

A custom recording is a downloadable audio file custom designed for you, containing the positive suggestions your subconscious needs to hear in order to create the desired change in your life.  Recordings are a perfect choice for those who have busy schedules, need a more affordable option than in-person sessions, or do not live near my office.

First, fill out the intake form, then I will be in contact with you within 48 hours for our over-the-phone consultation, and after the consultation I will send the recording via e-mail.

The recording will be sent to your within 48 hours of our over-the-phone conversation.







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