Fear isn't real!

Ya know, I have a lot to say about fear. Good thing I am speaking about fear this coming October at the Mid America Hypnosis Conference! .

Which, by the way, in its self is scary! But exciting. .

Fear is often just a disguise worn by one of three things:

1️⃣ Logic 2️⃣ Conflict 3️⃣ Perceived Limitation

1️⃣ Logic is what kicks in when you are faced with a new situation, thought, or goal. It is a natural reaction to have the thought “I don’t know how” after desiring that you want to do something new. BUT DON’T LET THAT NATURAL REACTION, THAT POWERLESS THOUGHT, BECOME A JUSTIFICATION TO NOT DO THAT THING. .

Anyone who has ever done anything - including you - has had to first learn how to do it. Ignorance is not to be used as a barrier, but rather an indicator; to indicate to you that all you need to do is learn easy is that! .

Why when we start a new job we can learn the processes of that place easily but when we want to learn an instrument can become paralyzed before the attempt? Why is it that learning to play a board or video game creates no doubt within the mind but creating a business or friendship does? .

Is it what is at stake? Oh goodness, but look at what is at stake if you don’t attempt! .

2️⃣ Is experienced within as “If I work towards ____ I must give up ___.” Or “By doing ___ I’ll lose ____.” .

If I work towards learning the guitar I will have to show vulnerability and I don’t want to look silly or feel dumb. By building a business I will lose quality family/friend time.

And let’s face it: if you have to give up something to get something else, you are less likely to go after that something else. And because you - consciously or subconsciously - don’t want to give up that thing or person or time, your brain spits out a fear based mindset to deter you from the action needed to obtain the goal.

REFRAME! Reframe those statements into positive questions or statements:

-How can I optimize my tome building my business so that I still have my me/free time? -How can I practice more than the average person to become better at guitar faster than the average person? .

3️⃣ Perceived Limitations

PERCEIVED! Because your limitations are literally just that, a perception. To someone else, the “limitation” you have is nothing but a bump in the road. .

A limitation is a belief - one that holds you back. Beliefs are created (internally or externally). Beliefs are stories, stories are created. Believe that something is impossible? It is because you’ve told yourself, or someone else has told you, that it is; you made up a story. Tell yourself a different story.

Do you think successful people are immune to ignorance, conflict, or perceived limitations? NO! They simply react differently to those thoughts and situations. Rather than them being an end, they are a beginning. .

What REAL fear is, is when you are being chased by a tiger, or stuck in a car hanging halfway off a bridge. Anything else is something else, discussed. Overcome it! Dissect and identify! And then use it is an indicator to go forth!

With love and light,

Stephanie Jarmuth

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