blank slate

The amazing thing about the morning is that it is the beginning to a whole new day, a day that has been minimally predetermined. Though there may be situations from the day or days before that play into this new day, you still have a blank canvas on which you can decide right then and there how you are going to fill it. Typically the only predetermined aspects to our day is if we have a scheduled job or have client meetings but other than that you have the opportunity to choose everything - how you show up, your attitude, your energy, your food choices, the route you take to work, what clothes you wear, etc. Many people wait until the new year to make some sort of commitment to bettering themselves or their life, however, January 1st is nothing but a date on a calendar and you can decide on any day of the calendar to commit yourself to betterment. Another notable point here is that your change does not need to be monumental. You can take whatever size steps toward your goal that are comfortable to you. Want to start eating better? Start by changing your snack choices or start with just one better meal per day. Want to get more steps in? Walk around your house while brushing your teeth.

The easier the first step toward your goal is, the easier it is to gain the momentum of taking action, and better of a chance you'll have for success

Success is like a snowball (the snowball is at the top, this is where you make the decision to change) rolling down a snowy mountain, it all starts with a small push (taking that first step) and it collects more and more snow and speed as it goes (your first success helps you gain momentum and continue onward confidently and quickly) - but if you expect for the snow ball to start at the top and be at the bottom without first rolling down, it is as if you are expecting to have reached your goal the moment you set one.

This approach is how many view their goals and will lead to discouragement. There is a journey towards success that starts with the decisions you make each and every day. The previous day is irrelevant to today's choices...if you eat crap food the day before does not mean you have to do so today. If you were unproductive the day before that does not mean you can’t be productive today.

Sure there may be some consequences of the day before that are trickling into the next day, almost as a hangover does, but as long as you decide to move onward and leave whatever mental limitation you

are creating for yourself as a roadblock behind, the day is yours for the taking, yours for the making. I encourage you to have more of a blank slate approach to your day. Each morning ask yourself how you can - no matter the size of the step - take at least one step toward what you desire. If it is a new job you seek, apply to at least one place,. If it is a quality like productivity you would like to instill, do at least one productive thing. As mentioned before, and worth mentioning again: the easier the first step is, the easier it will be to gain momentum to continue on rolling down that mountain. I would also like to offer you this formula for change:

love + time + repetition = change.

If you have love for yourself and the process, are willing to give your journey toward betterment time to unfold, and are consistent with your efforts, change will happen. It is those who beat themselves up, desire change instantaneously, and only do their new habit/behavior/practice a few times, that do not experience the grace and ease of change or experience change at all. Each morning upon waking remember these two things:

  1. Everyday you can do one thing towards your betterment.

  2. love + time + repetition.

For love, say mantras throughout your day such as, “I honor my journey,” “I am so proud of my efforts,” “Today I choose to put myself as a top priority.” For time, say mantras such as, “Today is part of the collective that will build up toward my goal,” “Today I am one day closer to success,” “I am so happy that I started.” For repetition, repeat mantras such as, “Consistency is key,” “I am building better habits,” “I am earning my goal through action.” Take one mantra for each part of the equation and put them together, for example: “I honor my journey. Today I am one day closer toward success. Consistency is key.” Now imagine you start your day out with your goal in mind and by repeating these phrases...the energy you bring to that day will be one of optimism and positivity rather than regret (for not starting sooner or for the previous days mishaps) and dread.

This day is yours for the taking, yours for the making. There is no reason why yesterday's attitude has to be today's. There is no reason you cannot be kinder today than you were before. There is no written rule that you have to repeat history. Tend to your mornings properly to set a solid and positive foundation for the rest of your day to be built upon.

Because frankly, you deserve it,

-Stephanie Jarmuth

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