Hey there! I'm Stephanie.

 I help people find clarity as to who they are and what they want and remove their subconscious blocks and societies conditioning so that they can create lasting personal transformation from the inside out to live their truest and most enjoyable life, confidently.

Unlike other online coaches and courses who will teach you how to create only a specific change, I teach you the foundation to make change in any area of your life with ease. Though consciousness elevating modalities that raise your vibration you'll learn to harness the power of your subconscious in order to heal, and then prosper.

Who is this mini training program for?

This training is for people who seek more and better for themselves and want to improve their relationship with themselves, and know how important the mind and mindset is in creating that change, but can't seem to shift their self talk from negative to positive, stick to their goal more than a week, or have confidence that they actually can change.

▫️It is for the person who knows that there is something more to life than what has been told to them by society & throughout their childhood.
▫️It is for those who seek to improve their self talk and relationship with themselves, learn how to heal their past & identify the mental blocks stopping them from prospering,

▫️ It is for those who want to raise their consciousness & vibration to be a natural attractor to more positivity in their life & remove the childhood & generational conditioning that has been deeply embedded within telling them how they 'should' be, look and feel.
▫️ It is for those dedicated (meaning you show up and remain teachable to new perspectives and thoughts you may have not had before)

We Will Cover:

  • the conscious and subconscious mind, their roles, and how they work together to shape our behavior, thought, and emotional patterns

  • core beliefs, belief systems, and limiting beliefs (those pesky beliefs that stop you from success)

  • how to alter your beliefs, belief systems, and limiting beliefs

  • the difference between and impact that external and internal influences have on our lives and minds - how to identify them and how to guard your self from them

  • how to discover and (if desired) change your subconscious identities - think "I AM" statements. 

  • the surprising effect your environment has on you (you'll be shocked as to just how much in your life is considered 'environment')

  • the power of words/language and questions

  • how to create effective mantras and affirmations

  • how to create a morning/evening routine that sets you up for success

More deets:

This training will be held on 7/28/2020 at 6:45 PM

Again, this is free and so I do not ask for card info...just for your email so that I can send you the link to the Zoom meeting (an online video chat room - no, you do not need to be on video to attend and no you do not need to download zoom :D)

I've been there!

I have gone from low self worth to soaring self esteem, from an eating disorder to a healthy relationship with food and my body, from a fear based mindset to a thriving based mindset and so much more with the tools and knowledge I will be sharing in this program.

What I have come to know through my personal development and spiritual awakening journey is that it is ALL WITHIN - the answers, the wisdom, the healing. But sometimes you just need tools, support and new perspectives to both trust what is within you and find it.

It is my personal mission to guide people to mental clarity and emotional freedom.

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