For less than the price of Netflix, two fancy coffees, or one take out meal you can have consciousness growing material delivered right to your email.
Each Thursday we will cover a new topic having to do with something - or all things - mindset, consciousness, perspective, or well-being. You'll receive one 5-15 minute video , a 5-15 minute meditation audio, and a journaling prompt all having to do with that weeks topic. 
Topic examples: habit control, relationships, self integrity, confidence, societal norms, fear, etc.
Do this for you, do this for peace of mind, do this for confidence, and do this to know and see that you are not alone in your desire to grow!

Tier One

$9.99 per month


$33.30 per month

All of Option Ones Membership Perks are included in Option Two. PLUS:
Each Friday you will receive one 15-25 minute hypnosis recording of varying topics - all topics will have to do with betterment and growth.
Topic Examples: confidence, self authority, emotional protection, forgiveness (of self and others), etc.
You also have the optional perk of submitting your journal prompt to me for insight, feedback, and a  perspective. Personally, I have found that when I share my experiences and receive a new perspective it helps me move past things or breakthrough to a new level of realization and consciousness...and I would love to offer that to you.
Last, but certainly not least, I will provide a 'task' or 'homework' that will help you take theses lessons and new perspectives to the next level. 
Homework examples: compliment two strangers, share something to a friend you have never shared before, do a nice deed with no expectation of recognition, etc.

Tier Three

$88.80 per month

All of Option One and Twos Membership Perks are included in Option Three. PLUS:
One 30 minute 'coaching' call per month. This helps create that ever so needed accountability that allows people to declare a sense of empowerment and responsibility toward their goal/change/growth. 
One custom hypnosis recording per month, this recording (unlike the recording in Option Two) is customized to your specific needs and desires and has language and suggestions formed to your unique subconscious mind.
Additionally you will not only receive a discount on other services and events and workshops I offer, but you will also receive a custom growth 'task' or 'homework that is aligned with your goal/change/growth (unlike the homework in Option Two this homework is designed for unique self and situation)
This is the most cost effective way of getting the one-on-one coaching and accountability, shift in perspective, and sense of community that everyone deserves. 

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