ReRoot & Regrow

this is a one-on-one personal coaching program designed to help you heal and prosper 

If you lack confidence, are letting your past hold you back, relying on others for validation, want to reconnect with your true self, need to reduce stress, and feel as if you are lacking passion, purpose, and joy in your life, this 4, 8, or 12 week self-introspective course is for you.

Though custom hypnosis sessions, accountability check-ins, writing prompts, meditations and other healing modalities you will first rid of past traumas, limiting beliefs, and negative mindsets so that you can have a clear and sturdy foundation to regrow upon.

Secondly, you will begin to identify your current habits, behaviors, situations, mindsets and beliefs that are holding you back from being exactly who you truly are and truly want to be along with identifying the habits, behaviors, mindsets, and beliefs to implement in order to become that person. 

Last but not least, you will then set the stage to make implementing those habits, behaviors, mindsets and beliefs as easy, enjoyable, and lasting as possible.

With everything custom to your specific journey, personality, qualities, and goals success is made easy.

Step One:

Heal The Past

In order to move on you must let go of the things, memories, beliefs, and or habits that are holding you back! That is what step one of the ReGrow program is all about.

We find the belief systems, bad/interfering habits,  limiting conditioning, behaviors, and memories that are keeping you stuck and we release them though various empowering methods such as hypnosis, fun exercises, guided imagery, meditations, and more.

Step Two:

Change The Now

In step two of ReGrow - once rid of the chains of your pasts - we take a closer look at your current situations and how they are or are not helping you be the person you want to be and live the life you desire.

Some of the things we identify:

  • the qualities and characteristics you have that are holding you back from being the best you that you can be

  •  the relationships in your life to determine which ones are not serving you positively, ones that need work, and you can fix or rid of  - including the relationship with yourself

  • whether your environment is making it easier or more difficult to create and maintain the change you seek

  • what habits you need to rid of and implement in order to become the best you

We then collaborate to alter what is not working for you and implement what will, in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible.

Step Three:

Create The Future

In step three of ReGrow we dive deep into what you want for your future, we define your goal(s) and how to get to them the S.M.A.R.T way. 

Once we have your goal(s) we can finally make an action plan, a plan to successfully achieve it/them and feel amazing while doing it. We then take a look at your life and see how you are or are not 'setting the stage' for success.

Meaning, your environment, relationships, use of time, and mindset are all set in a way to make your success that much easier to achieve!

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8 weeks


12 weeks


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