4 Weeks To

A Truer You

4 Weeks To

A Truer You

Hey there! I'm Stephanie.

 I help people find clarity as to who they are and what they want and remove their subconscious blocks and societies conditioning so that they can create lasting personal transformation from the inside out to live their truest and most enjoyable life, confidently.

Unlike other online coaches and courses who will teach you how to create only a specific change, I teach you the foundation to make change in any area of your life with ease. Though consciousness elevating modalities that raise your vibration you'll learn to harness the power of your subconscious in order to heal, and then prosper.

Who is this coaching program for?

▫️It is for the person who knows that there is something more to life than what has been told to them by society & throughout their childhood.
▫️It is for those who seek to improve their self talk and relationship with themselves, learn how to heal their past & identify the mental blocks stopping them from prospering,

▫️ It is for those who want to raise their consciousness & vibration to be a natural attractor to more positivity in their life & remove the childhood & generational conditioning that has been deeply embedded within telling them how they 'should' be, look and feel.
▫️ It is for those dedicated (meaning you show up and remain teachable to new perspectives and thoughts you may have not had before)

▫️twice weekly meetings via zoom (you'll receive a link)

▫️a private Facebook group to share insights, growths, net perspectives and to receive support on your journey

▫️journal prompts

We Will Cover:

▫️ the conscious & subconscious minds & how they dictate our lives

▫️ how to identify and change/create belief systems
▫️ how to create a shift in your core identity that improves how you show up in the world
▫️ how our external/internal worlds influence our minds and behaviors
▫️ the energetics behind environment and how it can make or break your success

▫️ the are of letting go what is no longer needed (within and without) and surrendering the need to be in control

▫️ the power our language and questions have over creating our present and future

▫️ how to set up a morning routine that puts you in the perfect state of mind to have a positive day

▫️ the correct way to use affirmations and mantras to make them the most effective 

▫️ AND AS A SPECIAL BONUS access to my self hypnosis course

This program/experience will have

▫️2 private 30 minute calls with just me (optional)

▫️self reflection tools & exercises
▫️access to me as your guide/coach
▫️hypnosis audios

▫️life long access to the Facebook group and recorded sessions/meetings

▫️re-entry into future groups if you want to re-take the program
▫️AS A SPECIAL BONUS, access to

my self hypnosis online course

I've been there!


I have gone from low self worth to soaring self esteem, from an eating disorder to a healthy relationship with food and my body, from a fear based mindset to a thriving based mindset and so much more with the tools and knowledge I will be sharing in this program.

What I have come to know through my personal development and spiritual awakening journey is that it is ALL WITHIN - the answers, the wisdom, the healing. But sometimes you just need tools, support and new perspectives to both trust what is within you and find it.

It is my personal mission to guide people to mental clarity and emotional freedom.


access to my self hypnosis course upon completion of the program

The Only Tool You Need To Rewire Your Brain: Self Hypnosis.


In order to change your mindset, behaviors, emotions, habits, and identities you need to know:

  • how the two parts of the mind - the subconscious and conscious - work together to form, store, and rid of habits. 

  • how your childhood has influenced who and how you are today

  • the science behind habit formation and hypnosis

  • and of course, how to self hypnotize!

If you change nothing, nothing will change...

Ready to get started?

all four weeks, for $197.00!

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