Single Session

For those who know which one or two chakra(s) are blocked, have only one or two chakras blocked, or just want to become familiar with hypnosis and chakra energy clearing.


7 Sessions

7 sessions for seven Chakras. Each session will be focused one particular chakra, starting with the root chakra and working upward to align your chakras; leaving you feeling grounded, confident, open, lovable/loving, strong, valuable, insightful, and in tune with all around you.


Intensive 7 week course

During this 7 week course each of the 7 chakras (confidence, sensuality/expression, personal wisdom/power, love/healing/forgiveness, communication/having a voice, awareness/intelligence, and spirituality/connected-ness) will be focused on individually through weekly:

Custom Hypnosis Sessions, in-person or virtual check-ins, homework & writing prompts, mantras & affirmations, & more.

By working on each of these areas individually you are able to strengthen yourself as a whole with guidance and direction. 


  • One-on-one in person sessions

  • Customized Digital Downloadable Recordings

  • Session packages

  • Online Courses

  • 4, 8, 12 Week Coaching

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