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Stephanie Rix
NGH Certified Hypnotist


Stephanie is a walking talking example of how beneficial and powerful both self and therapeutic hypnosis can be. She stumbled upon hypnosis as a last resort to her sleeping problems which started to create problems in other areas of her life. Though it isn't always the case, in Stephanie's case, she wanted a resolution so badly that one session was all it took to both rid her of sleeping issues and open her eyes to just how powerful the mind can be.

She then became fascinated with what else hypnosis can do for her. She went on to use hypnosis to cure herself of digestive issues, low self-esteem, and a somewhat negative perspective. Once she was freed of these limitations on her life she then began to use hypnosis to attract positive change such as meaningful relationships, an optimistic outlook, abundance, and more.

Since finding and implementing hypnosis in her life her passion to share this powerful tool grew to the point it could no longer be ignored - Stephanie is now a certified hypnotist with a hunger to empower others to create the change they want in their lives.

Because frankly, you deserve it. 

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