What Is Self-Hypnosis?

A way to CHOOSE your habits, belief systems, and mindset.

Stop settling! Being frustrated, depressed, and anxious IS NOT normal. I am here to teach people how to make the shift within their subconscious minds - reprogramming them - to make fulfillment, focus, peace of mind, happiness, and calm their new normal.

A free 15 minute hypnosis

recording for relaxation.

"Problems are created in the mind, so are solutions"

Why Choose Self-Hypnosis?

\Whether or not you stick to your goal, indulge in cravings, follow your gut, or find true happiness is all based upon the mental chatter within. That chatter then leads you to make a decision as to whether or not to take action. When one has truly mastered controlling their mind - and therefore their decision making process - it is easy to stick 
to their goals, rid of or adopt new habits, and create the change they want in their lives. 

What are Others Saying?


"Its been very effective. We have tackled a few areas within the few visits, I leave each time inspired."


"I feel like I really got in touch with myself and who I am and left me feeling some what awakened to an inner power within myself."


"After the session, I felt instant results, as the content in session spoke directly to my subconscious."


"Thank you so very much. The session enabled me to reach my goal of exercise. I have not touched meat or meat products since our first session. You have made me so happy."


"I am getting into the core of what I need to continue to grow and keep healthy. The sessions are amazing for me."


"If you are looking for a hypnotherapist that is dedicated to helping you see the divine being you are, look no further. "

What is

stopping you from bettering yourself, your life, and your mind?

"If you change nothing, nothing will change"

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