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...currently only offering virtual sessions

Hey, I'm Stephanie!

Here to help you heal and prosper

I help people find clarity as to who they are and what they want and remove their subconscious blocks and societies conditioning so that they can create lasting personal and spiritual transformation from the inside out to live their truest and most enjoyable life confidently, unapologetically, enjoyably, and authentically 




Stephanie is a Nationally Certified Hypnotist & Transformation Coach specializing in confidence, self-esteem, and helping people overcome limiting beliefs.

She combines the psychology of human behavior with the healing power of energy work to create a custom experience for all her clients. 

Not only does she facilitate peoples personal transformations, Stephanie also travels and teaches classes, creates free content on YouTube, and creates online courses to reach as may people as possible, no matter where they are in life.

Check out her very own personal transformation method: Chakra Hypnosis

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All services are offered virtually or in-person

Hypnosis Sessions

   for confidence, self esteem, self worth, self love, and personal development


   get to the root causes of your dissatisfaction, have support and guidance through a custom plan for your personal transformation,

   and set in place the mindsets and habits help

   you prosper beyond our work together

Online Courses

 for those who want coaching style transformation but prefer self paced, independent transformation rather than 1-on1 coaching


Here is a free training, a free hypnosis audio and a free workbook:

Tropical Leaves

this training is for mental clarity, emotional freedom, and unapologetic authenticity